High quality celery consists of stalks which are straight, with rigid ribs that snap when bent, have minimal petiole twisting, and have a light green and fresh appearance. The leaves should fresh and well colored, with no signs of wilting.

Care & Handling
Mr. Duke's Celery is hydrocooled and stored at 0 to 2°C (32 to 36°F) with 98-100% R.H. At optimum conditions, celery should have good quality after storage up to 5 to 7 weeks.


Stalk countProduct LabelCases per palletTieHigh
24 NakedMr Duke3284
30 NakedMr Duke3284
36 NakedMr Duke3284
24 (sleeved)Mr Duke3284
30 (sleeved)Mr Duke3284


Celery Hearts
Stalk countProduct LabelCases per palletTieHigh
2 hearts per bag/18 bags per cartonMr Duke70107